A cyber terrorist steals $400000 from the bank of America, Burlington city NC.

In October 2012, Burlington residents and city workers were asked to check their accounts after $400000 was stolen from the city bank account.

The city officials reported that the security breach resulted in the infiltration of an account used to pay the city workers. According to Burlington NC news, the exact amount of money that was stolen was not all recovered since the hacker transferred the money to another bank two days ago.

The Bank of America in Burlington City learned about the attack after the East Coast Bank froze several accounts that looked suspicious.

Burlington city workers are paid directly through the electronic payroll deposit program. The good news is all the city workers were notified that the account was hacked, and they should contact their bank or close the account they use that had received money from the hacked account for the sake of their financial security.

Additionally, the Burlington city NC officials urged all workers to contact credit reporting agencies if  anyone of them became victims of cyber theft.

Furthermore, the Burlington city residents who had enrolled in the city's sewer and storm drain service may also have been affected by the attack.

Bryan Harrison, the town administrator, advised that "if anyone receives any suspicious amount of money, please report to the police or call your bank."