Smaller and medium-sized companies often think they don’t need to worry about cybersecurity.  But no matter the size of the business, every company has data that they don’t want to be stolen.  Every company needs to guard against both data breaches and also against malicious attacks.


What is Cybersecurity? 

Even when a company is just starting out, even when they only have one desktop computer and a couple of laptops, they are already in need of a cybersecurity company to protect their data.  They may wonder what a cybersecurity company can do for them.

When a company first sets up shop, they quickly realize they need a server so that they can network all their devices.  An excellent cybersecurity company like Integrated Technologies will monitor the devices in the customer’s system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  

The cybersecurity company protects not only your network system and your server, but also all your mobile devices including laptops and iPads and mobile phones.  Since all these devices are connected to your network, they all need to be protected.  One salesman accidentally accepting a malware message on his phone can compromise your entire system.  Once a piece of malware has entered the system it can steal data from the entire network.

Criminals who want to steal data and then sell it represents the biggest threat.  Other times networks are attacked by political groups wanting to cause chaos in particular industries. 

Malware can come in many forms.  A computer virus is a common kind of malware that can shut down your company.  Adware is another application that is used to introduce malware. If your company has proprietary information stored on the network, a good cybersecurity company will protect you against the invasion of spyware.  Spyware is a kind of software that spies on your computers, recording all the information entered.  Spyware is particularly dangerous to banks and credit card companies.  


Criminals are always inventing new ways to attack your computers.  A good cybersecurity company like Integrated Technologies will be on top of all the latest threats. 

For example, a recently found piece of malware is called Dridex.  This one, again, is particularly malicious against financial institutions.  This was a world-wide scheme.  Fortunately, authorities in the United States were able to prosecute those involved.  But this just emphasizes how important it is to have a cybersecurity company staying up to date for you.   


What Can a Company Do? 

First and foremost, good companies will hire an excellent cybersecurity company with an outstanding reputation like Integrated Technologies.  Make sure they provide 27/7/365 monitoring of all your equipment. 

Secondly, companies need to educate their employees on the dangers.  Employees need to stop being nonchalant about opening every email that comes in.  One careless email can infect an entire system.

A good cybersecurity company will install software that regularly scans your network looking for dangerous computer code that may have sneaked in.  The software then isolates the code and removes it before it can do any damage.  


Cybersecurity is a real need in today’s world.  All sizes of companies need to take it seriously and take the necessary steps to protect themselves.