Taylor Driscoll

They Listen To Our Problems And Craft A Solution, 100% Satisfied

Integrated has proven to be the leader in advanced camera and security solutions that we have desperately needed.  The team is very proactive is solving our technology needs and exceeding schedule expectations.  They continue to follow-up and ensure we are happy with the solution and it is meeting our expectations. Integrated Technologies listens to our problems and helps craft a solution that meets our needs and budget.  They are quick to help with emergency needs and ensures our solutions are performing for our needs. The Integrated team is all “hands-on” with the customer.  They put the upfront attention to ensuring a successful project and the customer’s expectations are met.  If any issue arises during and immediately after the project, they are quick to resolve and ensure we are 100% satisfied, not only in the Information Technology department, but also the general office management and staff.

Taylor D
Director of Information Technology
Medical Industry