Computer IT Program at Elon University in North Carolina

There are plenty of university students who are always looking for courses to do better academically in a specific area. This is the reason why most universities offer courses on various fields for students who want to expand their knowledge and acquire more expertise, especially to form consistent professional paths.

Elon University, known for their students’ success and acknowledgments, is considered one of the best national universities, with more than seven thousand students from around the world. The university offers a great variety of departments that have a large number of courses. If you are a university student who is interested in IT courses, the Department of Computer Science at Elon University is the place where you should look to find the courses of your interest.

The department of Computer Science stands out for being versatile and having a wide range of courses for graduate and undergraduate students. there are up to 27 courses only in the Computer Science Department, each one of them providing the best teaching, knowledge and support to all those students who want to progress academically. Among the courses offered by this department, we can highlight:

Computer and Network Security

This four credit course is about introducing students to techniques, strategies and managements for computer security. Here students will find information about common risks, attacks and security violation, network security, defensive programming and cryptography. This course is offered in spring.

Web Development

The topics covered in this four credit course are about procedures and notions for web applications. Students will be evaluated by designing webs using certain standardized front-end technologies. Here they will be given complex knowledge about web development including architecture, browser compatibility, website maintenance and multimedia application. The course is offered in the fall.

Theory of Computation

An introduction to specific theories concerning computer science and other topics such as coding theory, analysis of mathematical structures, predicate calculus, complexity theories, Turing machines and others. This is a four credit course and is available whenever there is sufficient demand.

Any student interested in Computer Science has their place at Elon University. Elon University is a national and internationally recognized academic entity, ranked 10th as most innovative national university and number 2nd for excellence in undergraduate teaching. Information about the courses of your interest is available on the university’s website, as well as the courses’ syllabi.