Computer IT Program at Wake Forest University

If you are a university student and are looking for improving your skills in computing, Wake Forest University can help you achieve this goal. This university counts with a Department of Computer Science; in it, you can find approximately eleven faculty members, eleven graduate students and 120 majors.

The Department of Computer Science offers programs and courses for students so that they acquire skills for future employment. In addition, this knowledge will help them to enter other graduate programs. At the same time, students will be able to work and learn from WFU scholars who provide high quality information and support.

Among the courses the department offers, we can mention computer security and GPU programming. Apart from this, the School of Law of the university provides a cybersecurity course for students interested in this area. The courses syllabi are available on the web page, so any student can be able to check them according to the course they desire to take.

GPU Programming

In this course students will learn about program development on Graphic Processing Units and other concerning topics, such as parallel algorithm patterns and application test studies.

Computer Security

Here professors introduce students to concepts of computer security and other related theoretical information. They will be able to perform anti risks systems, cryptography, access control, authentication network security, legal issues, and many other associated topics. This course is destined to give professional education for complex scenarios.

Cybersecurity Law

In this course, students will learn about how American privacy and laws work concerning governmental and private businesses. Also, they will learn about risks and issues presented on the cybersecurity scenario, and how to manage these conflicts by developing a risk prevention system.

The university also provides close fellowship during summer, so it is simpler for students to continue researching. It is important to remark that Wake Forest has a highly prestigious educational quality. Students who participate in the courses will be able to learn from improving assistive mobile interface to even developing educational tools for parallel programming concepts. It is also important to mention that all the students who participate in this program will have the opportunity to work with different hardware and software; in addition, they can use their own devices for several classes.

Wake Forest University is a versatile and flexible place to study, since it gives those interested the opportunity to study abroad and still work closely with all of the students. Besides, there are possibilities of interacting along with other programs and schools. Wake Forest is considered one of the best universities in America, ranked 27th in the country. It has been awarded several acknowledgments and teaching awards, namely, Best Mentorship in Research, and Creative Work and Teaching Innovation. In Wake Forest University, you will be provided with the best knowledge and support to achieve any academic goal.