Computer IT Program in High Point University

Any university student who is interested in improving their skills in the technological and computing area can take courses in their universities. This option is the best idea for students to expand their knowledge and also enhance their chances of a promising professional future.

At High Point University, the Department of Computer Science gladly offers a wide number of courses related to computing and technology specializations.  Next we mention some of the courses offered.

System Security

This four credit course is available during fall semesters and is perfect for students who want to learn the core concepts of system security and different applications of security for computing support systems, software and network. The course’s contents cover topics such as system vulnerability and how it is affected by attacks, threats, security monitoring, and penetration tests. Apart from this, students will learn about website installation and software configuration; how to backup in different operating systems, and account and privilege management, as well as many other performances in the system security area.

Introduction to Information Security

Available during spring semesters, this four credit course is highly. Undergraduate students will be able to understand the core notions of information security, since the course provides an introduction of security concepts that cover topics such as confidentiality, common risks, threats and attacks, availability, integrity and assurance. Besides, in the course, students will learn about basic cryptography: encryption, intrusion detection, malicious software, risks and attack management, prevention and recovery. Other topics to discuss will be taught in hands-on labs, where students will practice safe software development and Linux operating system security.

Web Development

This four credit course is offered during spring semesters. The course offers information about general web development, where students will be able to work on site development. The information in this course covers topics such as modern languages and strategies for interactive sites. It also includes practices for simple animation, multimedia application, image editing and also human-computer interaction. There will be a series of projects where students can participate so that they can improve their web development skills and apply their knowledge and creativity to create a dynamic web site.

High Point University allows undergraduate students to progress and develop their skills on topics of their interests. HPU is proud to have the best professors and high academic quality; it has received various national acknowledgments, specifically for their teaching excellency. At High Point University, their main goal is to support students to achieve academic and professional success.