Computer IT program in UNC at Greensboro

It is a fact that technological jobs are in great demand. Choosing any profession in the technological area increases the probability of getting a job immediately after graduating from college. This is mainly because technology is highly required by any company, whether it is technological or not; there is always a spot where a computer expert has to be present. No need to mention that highly recognized companies are always expecting system programmers, technical staff members or any other specialty related to the technical field.

The Department of Computer Science of the UNC at Greensboro encourages undergraduate students who want to focus on the technological field to take the courses the department provides. In this way, students will be able to obtain  the needed knowledge and experience for future jobs. The department offers more than 20 courses on different levels and a wide variety of topics. The courses are normally on high demand but not more than 40 students per course, in spite of being one of the largest computer science departments of the state. It is important to highlight that the courses have various programming languages and also manage different operating systems such as Windows and Unix/Linux. Among the courses the department offers, we can mention the following:

Network Security

This course covers the basic concepts of network security concerning communication protocols, web vulnerability, management and procedures of risks and threats, access policies, remote authentication,among others. The course is usually open in spring.

Modern Cryptography

The topics to be discussed in this course include an introduction of cryptography, theory and practice. Here the professors emphasize security reasoning and formal models. They also teach message authentication codes, secret sharing, and private and public-key encryption. The course is typically available in the spring.

Principles of Computer Security

This course is about the basic concepts of computer security, discussing as well the purpose of topics such as confidentiality, availability and integrity. Other topics cover security software development and management of cryptography. The classes for this course are available every fall.

UNCG is proudly one of the best universities in the country, with more than twenty thousand students, sixteen thousand being undergraduate. This university is one of the largest Co-Ed public universities in the state. At UNCG, they take students’ future very seriously;  as a result, they do everything possible to challenge students’ skills to help them improve and create a better professional future.