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Chances are high that your IT department is overworked and struggling to keep up with your daily operational needs. Our Co-Managed IT Solution bridges the gap between your internal IT staff’s limits and the need for additional services. We do not replace your internal IT staff, we make them better!

Managing your IT infrastructure is a challenging task. Even the most seasoned IT team struggles to stay on top of everything a modern IT infrastructure requires—security, backup, patch management, and routine maintenance—all while resolving a steady flow of user requests and system issues.

Our solution is the perfect fit for your business if you already have an internal IT department. We don’t replace your IT team, we give them assistance with expertise, tools, personnel, strategic planning and much more!

Our Co-Managed IT Solution is designed to help your internal IT staff achieve maximum operational efficiency. A customized combination of service and support that blends the benefits of both Managed Services with Internal IT. We are available as much or as little as needed. We can assist with your routine workstation maintenance, server backups and maintenance or simply provide remote hands, at your request.

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We utilize IT management tools for proactive and responsive monitoring and maintenance, alerting, service ticket creation and inventories. We can extend these same tools to our Co-Managed partners. Our IT management tools enable you to automate repetitive maintenance tasks, keep machines fully patched, manage projects, route issues to the appropriate resources, resolve issues quickly, minimize downtime, and much more. If your IT department is busy, you can simply forward the overflow to us.

It’s not an either / or decision. You can have the best of both worlds!
We don’t replace your internal IT staff - we make them better!

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