Multiple Layers Of Protection Between
Your Business And The Cyber Criminal

Cyber Security

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Today’s cybersecurity challenges requires a comprehensive, multi-layered security approach with a proactive Managed Service Plan designed to prevent multiple forms of attacks. Integrated Technologies offers the best solution for managed cybersecurity.

Scams are constantly evolving, and cyber criminals are becoming increasingly savvy in using methods to get information and money from unsuspecting businesses. While there are many different ways to protect your information, not one technique has ever been entirely successful. The key to providing the most effective cybersecurity protocols is to layer different types of security measures so that the gaps and loopholes between each one becomes significantly smaller, allowing hackers less opportunity to do their dirty work.

You can alleviate a lot of risk and worry by utilizing our multi-layered,
security approach offered through our Managed Service Plans.

Our solution can better protect your IT resources and improve your security. Individual layers in a multi-layered security approach focus on a specific area where malware could attack. These layers work together to tighten security and have a better chance of stopping intruders from breaching your network than using a traditional single security solution.

Layers are beneficial for many reasons. Individually, each layer provides an added level of defense so that with each extra layer of security added, there will be less access, making it more challenging for hackers to find ways to infiltrate your network. While each layer in and of itself is not an adequate defense mechanism, layering them together improves each one’s efficiency to minimize or stop the hacker’s ability to gain entry. Instead of trying to rely on just one or two lines of defense, multiple layers of security will mitigate your risk of a breach and enhance your business continuity.

Security as a Service

Don’t Think You’re A Target For Cyber Crimes?

Bullseye Target

Many small business owners have a false sense of security, assuming they’re too small to attract the attention of hackers. While it might be more difficult for these hackers to break into the network of a large corporation, it’s easy for them to attack small businesses with ransomware or steal customer information and sell it on the dark web. Most small businesses think their information is not important to hackers. WRONG! Your information is the lifeblood of your company. If hackers hold your data hostage, you can’t function as a business until you pay the ransom!

If you were a cybercriminal, would you attempt to hack into Amazon or Amy’s Tax Service? Amazon will have the most robust cyber threat protection available. Amy, on the other hand, thinks cyber criminals are not interested in her information, making Amy an easy target.


How Does It Happen?

Hackers have several options: here’s one example. If a hacker is looking to “cash-in” on a poorly protected business, they assume the finance department reads any invoice received, so the hacker emails the accountants a malicious spreadsheet. Like clockwork, an employee opens the phony document, clicks “Enable Macros”, and the hacker is now in your network! The company is now being controlled by the hacker.

Once a hacker has breached your network and has control of your corporate data, you are at their mercy! If you do not have a recent backup of your data, you only have two options.

1) Pay the hacker an obscene amount (thousands of dollars) of ransom money through your new Bitcoin account.

2) You will lose all your files and documentation including your client’s information. Basically, you start over.


Cyber Tip: Most hackers will only accept ransom payments through Bitcoin. A new Bitcoin account could take several hours to setup. If you decide against a robust cyber security plan, you may want to invest in a Bitcoin account, soon.

The foundation of a strong security posture starts with a multi-layered, Managed Service Plan.

Managed Service Plan Options

Whether you need remote support with our Business Enhanced Plan, or you need an “all-inclusive solution” with our Business Elite Plan, we offer a service plan that’s right for your business. Each plan option includes our layered security approach to ensure your total protection.


Our Premium, Fully Managed plan.

This plan delivers all the benefits of our Core Tools at a fixed rate, flat-fee for Onsite and Remote Support. This allows you to budget for your IT maintenance and avoid any unexpected costly repair bills. The fixed rate, flat-fee model is similar to your “Even Pay” power or gas bill. Regardless how much the service is used, you still only pay the Flat Fee.


Our Remote, Hybrid Managed plan

This plan delivers all the benefits of our Core
Tools at a fixed rate, flat-fee for unlimited Remote Support. You receive unlimited access to our Help Desk support team that resolves 85% of IT issues. If you require an onsite visit, it will be a reduced hourly rate for the onsite support. This allows you better flexibility and control of your IT support.

We’ve carefully curated a best-of-breed set of essential tools and management services. You can be assured that your network is being protected through our layered security approach with our security components below.

Managed Workstation Monitoring Agents and Patching Maintenance

Eliminate blind spots in your supported IT environment before they become a problem. Our remote tool allows discovery of all devices and users so they can be proactively monitored 24x7x365. This enables us to remotely connect to your device for proactive maintenance, while improving reactive response times. It will also automatically generate a service request ticket as issues arise and handle all patches and updates of the Operating System.

Managed NextGen AI Driven Enterprise Antivirus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Ransomware

Our Endpoint Protection Platform unifies prevention, detection and response in a single purpose-built agent powered by machine learning and automation. It provides prevention and detection of attacks across all major vectors, rapid elimination of threats with fully automated, policy-driven response capabilities. Protected devices self-defend and heal themselves by stopping processes, quarantining, remediating and even rolling back events to keep endpoints in a perpetually clean state while automatically isolating infected devices and immunizes the remaining endpoints.

DNS Web Content Filtering

Content filtering provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet. Our solution delivers complete visibility into internet activity across all locations, devices, and users, while blocking threats before they ever reach your network or endpoints. You can effectively manage your user’s internet access through category-based content filtering and allow/block list browsing enforcement. This ensures your users access only suitable browsing content to eliminate time wasters and unsafe search environments.

Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing

More than ever, employees are the weak link in your network security. We offer Security Awareness Training that starts with a baseline test to show the actual Phish-prone percentage of your users. Then it steps users through effective, interactive, on-demand browser-based training. The service automatically sends frequent simulated phishing attacks to your employees to reinforce the training.

Two Factor Authentication

2FA is an extra layer of security used to make sure that people trying to gain access to an online account are who they say they are. The user enters their username and a password, then they are required to provide another piece of information for positive identification, prior to allowing access.

Remote Connectivity

Our solution is a fast, easy-to-use remote access software that allows your employees the flexibility to safely log in to their office computer from any device including all of the top platforms -Windows, Apple, Linux, Android, Mac or iOS.

Password Manager

Offers a safe and secure repository for clients to manage their own passwords. Avoid hackers exploiting unprotected password habits by providing a trusted, secure, and reliable password management tool.

Application Control

Allows only specific software to run on your endpoints and servers while also controlling what the applications can access. This “default deny” approach not only stops malicious software, it also stops other unpermitted applications from running.

The ten layer model provides multiple layers
of protection between you and the cyber criminal.

Additional Components To Increase Your Level Of Security And Enhance Your Business Continuity

We offer multiple service plans with different levels of support. But that’s just the beginning! Add-on services can be included to any of our service plans. Once you have chosen the plan, products, and services that best suit your IT needs, our team will customize a budget friendly proposal for your specific need. Not sure what you actually need? Let us perform a Network Assessment to better understand your technology environment.

Managed Detection and Response
Managed Detection and Response adds an extra layer of assurance to our NextGen, Endpoint Protection platform. A team of cybersecurity experts will monitor your network in real-time, 24/7 from our Security Operations Center to maintain a constant watch to ensure timely detection and a swift response.

Breach Detection and Remediation
Our Breach Detection Solution quickly discovers breaches to mitigate operational impact and reduce remediation costs. The solution proactively searches computers, laptops, and servers for the unaddressed techniques hackers use to maintain access to their victim's networks. This technology complements our Next Gen, Endpoint Detection.

Dark Web Monitoring
Dark Web Monitoring protect clients from a cybersecurity breach due to compromised employee credentials. We monitor the dark web in real time, and automatically alert when it’s time to change passwords because their credentials are up for sale on the Dark Web.

Security Assessments
Our Security Assessment reviews your network to identify risks and quantify your exposure to advanced security threats. The assessment identifies gaps in your current security plan that could negatively impact the protection and confidentiality of your business systems.

Physical Security
Physical Security works in conjunction with your Network Security to protect your assets. From the Server Rooms and Network Closets to your front door, we can handle all your video surveillance and door access control needs.

Encryption secures your data by scrambling it so it can't be read by anyone other than the intended recipient. Sensitive data, such as social security numbers and financial information are especially vulnerable to spyware.

Microsoft 365 (Formerly known as Office365)
Microsoft 365 is a line of subscription services offered by Microsoft as part of the Microsoft Office products. The brand encompasses plans that allow use of the Microsoft Office suite over the life of the subscription, as well as cloud-based SaaS products for business environments. Microsoft 365 provides services like Hosted Exchange based email, Azure Information Protection (Email Encryption) Teams and SharePoint, as well as the latest Office apps, like Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, and more.

Advanced Threat Protection
Advanced Threat Protection helps protect mailboxes against new attacks in real time, offering holistic email protection. By protecting against unsafe attachments and malicious links, it complements the security features of Exchange Online Protection. If a link is unsafe, the user is warned not to visit the site or informed that the site has been blocked. Advanced reporting and message trace allow you to investigate messages that have been blocked due to viruses or malware, while URL trace capability allows you to track individual malicious links in the messages that have been clicked.

SaaS Email and Online File Storage Protection
SaaS Protection protects email, files and sites hosted in SaaS applications from any kind of unwanted deletion, ransomware and app overwrite errors. Automated, continuous backups for all Microsoft 365 Email, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, AND / OR Google Workplace (Formerly G Suite) Including Google Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Drive and Shared Drives.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Business Continuity
Today’s businesses need more than just backup. Our solution is a complete BCDR solution designed to get your business back up and running when disruptions occur. It provides peace of mind that client data is safe. Normal business operations can be restored quickly whether it is a few lost files, a system crash, or a site-wide disaster.

Firewall as a Service
Our managed firewall with unified threat management is an essential part of any secure network, a firewall stands as the main barrier between your network and cyberspace. It protects your organization better by blocking or restricting access to risky applications and stops unwanted attempts to access your network that target vulnerabilities and configuration gaps. It also stops malicious files and payloads moving into your network with advanced packet inspection, filtering, antimalware, antivirus, and sandboxing capabilities.

Mobile Device Management
Ensure all your company-owned and bring-your-own (BYO) devices are managed and always up to date with the most flexible control over any Windows, Apple, and Android devices. Protect your data while maintaining productivity for your employees on the mobile devices and apps they choose. Mobile device management and mobile application management provide integrated data protection and compliance capabilities that let you be precise about what data different users can access as well as what they can do with the data within Office and other mobile apps.

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