As a business owner in the largest suburb of Winston-Salem, you probably already know that Kernersville, NC is bustling! With our rich history and traditions, it’s easy to see why so many people are interested in living and working in this area. And no matter where you work, reliable technology makes daily business practices much more manageable. That’s why you need the experts to help with your Kernersville, NC, business’s IT support.

When working with reliable IT support, you can rest assured that your technology performs as it should. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

Improve Your IT with Support from These Services

Unsure what kind of IT support your Kernersville, NC, business needs? Every business is unique and deals with different challenges, so working with an IT company that offers diverse solutions and tailors their services to your needs is critical. Below, you will see some of the various IT solutions available for your business.

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Managed IT Services

You can take steps to prevent issues before they happen with managed IT services. Because each business has unique needs, several levels of support are available to ensure your Kernersville, NC, business has all its needs covered, no matter how major or minor. Take a proactive approach and ensure your business remains up and running through any potential mishaps or disasters with help from managed IT services by the professionals.

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Co-Managed IT Services

Is your IT department struggling to accomplish everything you need? With co-managed IT services, you can fill that gap and help your team keep up with the demands of an ever-changing technological landscape. Ensure your business’s operational needs are met through additional support! Co-managed IT services won’t replace your team, just help them with challenging workloads or supplement them in times of additional need!

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As a small to medium-sized business, it’s easy to think you won’t become a target for cybercrime. After all, what would a criminal get from you when they could get so much more from a large national chain? But that’s exactly what they want you to think. Smaller businesses have less budget for technological security measures and are easier targets for cybercriminals. Don’t become a victim; get better cybersecurity in place today!

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

You don’t have to fear losing months or even years of work, customer data, or essential files when you have a backup and disaster recovery plan. Preparing is essential because you never know when disaster will strike. Your team deserves peace of mind that a natural disaster or crashed computer doesn’t mean the end of all their hard work. Get disaster recovery and backup services for your business now.

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Cloud Solutions

Are you looking for more flexibility for your workforce? Are you hoping to access your files while away on vacation but unwilling to bring your company equipment for the trip? Utilizing the cloud offers easier access to your files from anywhere with an internet connection. Let us help you manage your cloud needs and set up access on trusted devices, so you can start enjoying all the benefits of the cloud today.

A photo of someone dialing a black office desk phone.

VOIP Phones

If affordability, call clarity, and the ability to make calls from anywhere is crucial, then a VOIP phone system might be right for your business. With VoIP phones, you can expect additional flexibility and the ability to take phone calls anywhere in the world with an internet connection. You will also enjoy more consistent, quality communication with your employees or customers, no matter the time of day!

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Work from Home

Business owners have seen a dramatic workplace shift over the last few years as employees move from primarily working in-office to more remote or hybrid work settings. If your business has any remote employees, outside support by IT professionals can help ensure your company data is secure and all your remote workers can work productively without compromising your company’s information and data assets.

A white laptop with a blue background on it that says “HIPAA.”

HIPAA Compliance

Those working in the healthcare industry need to be especially careful when it comes to their data because of patient privacy laws, or HIPAA. That’s why working with an IT company that understands HIPAA compliance standards can help keep your data safe. Ensure that your patients’ protected information remains safely in your files and not in the hands of criminals with help from the Kernersville, NC, IT support professionals.

A photo of a person plugging in a wire to a network infrastructure.

Network Infrastructure

Small office spaces to large commercial buildings need IT infrastructure support, as it doesn’t just affect the digital realm. You need physical infrastructure support, too.  Whether you are in the market for new network cabling or have a new VoIP phone system installed, your infrastructure needs to be able to handle it. Keep your network running smoothly and quickly with network infrastructure help from our team of experienced professionals today.

Kernersville, NC, IT Support that Works for Your Business

Focusing on your business can be challenging when your technology isn’t cooperating. Your IT staff needs support, and they are doing their best to solve problems as they come up, but an ever-increasing workload means that the rest of your staff is waiting around for computer issue solutions to do their jobs. That’s why you need help from the Kernersville, NC, IT support professionals.

You can rely on our technology experts when:

  • You want your business to be front and center in your focus, not your technology.
  • The current IT systems you rely on seem to cause more hindrances to your business than help.
  • The reliability and security of your computer network are currently questionable at best.
  • Computer downtime is costly, and you want to eliminate that as much as possible.
  • You understand that data backups are essential to your business and want to ensure your information is safe.
  • Your employees want the option to work remotely, or you want to hire remote team members.
  • Computer issues have prevented your team from working on their tasks, and you want to eliminate their computer problems.
  • You know that reactive repairs are less efficient than proactive maintenance.
  • The bottom line is one of your priorities.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about IT support options for your Kernersville business!