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Will Benefit Your Business

Consulting, Advisory, & Vendor Research from Integrated Technologies

Thinking about adding technology solutions to streamline your business? Which is the best one? Or is the ideal choice one you haven’t even considered?

Business technology is constantly evolving, and options can seem endless.  The pressure to make quick purchases turns into information overload. Add the need to reduce costs and justify investments, and it’s easy to feel lost in a sea of choices, wishing you had help to navigate it all.

Questions abound, but you can rest assured that Integrated Technologies will listen to your needs and concerns. We have the knowledge, experience, and answers required to make no-cost, agnostic recommendations based entirely on your objectives.


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Put a Vendor Agnostic Advisory to Work for You

The traditional procurement process can be lengthy and cumbersome, as it requires a thorough evaluation of various product options to determine the best fit. We simplify and expedite this process with impartial solutions through our extensive partnerships with a wide range of technology products. Our approach ensures you’ll find a tailored solution, without being restricted to a single vendor's offerings.

When you partner with Integrated Technologies, you’ll have a Technology Solutions Advisory that delivers accelerated business growth through system integration and support.

As a full-service, trusted technology partner, we engage with organizations nationwide to help navigate the ever-changing business and technology landscapes, build solid foundations, and achieve business goals. We are committed to delivering unmatched customer service to all our clients through a vendor agnostic advisory approach.

Let Integrated Technologies Be Your Guide


  • As your trusted technology partner, we transform the way you purchase and utilize your technology, to create a competitive advantage that helps you grow your business, outpace the competition, and directly drive business outcomes for your growth strategy.
  • You’ll get nationwide service with the depth of expertise you need, delivered through personal, trusted technology advisors.
  • You can reach your destination. Integrated Technologies will guide you.

The Simple Four-Step Process

When you come to us for technology advisory services, you can expect a simple four-step process that’s easy to understand and tailored to your needs.

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Step 1: Assessment

We’ll talk with you about what you want to accomplish, your goals, what you’ve tried, and how you define success.

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Step 2: Vendor Research

We’ll look at an array of solutions, scrutinize data and take a consultative approach as we compile information based on professional experience and industry assessments.

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Step 3: Unbiased Vendor Selection

We’ll vet the applications you’re considering, plus we’ll recommend other options and provide objective analysis for all of them. You make your selection, and we’ll close the deal on your behalf.

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Step 4: Implementation

We’ll provide the support you need to integrate your chosen platform into your processes.

You Deserve Impartial Vendor Assessments

Do you feel overwhelmed with the myriad of options when looking for a technology solution? Most of what you’ve found comes straight from a vendor, who is biased towards their own product, and it’s hard to know which testimonials to trust.

Stop feeling lost or indecisive—wondering if a vendor has your best interests in mind.

Our unique vendor-agnostic approach considers all vendors. The only vendors we’re biased against are those with poor performance records.

That’s what makes us a trusted technology partner, offering non-biased consulting and advisory services…helping you navigate the complexities of today’s technology.

Integrated Technologies is working alongside our clients every day so they can feel confident that they’re making technology decisions that serve their businesses in the most effective and economical ways. We can help you, too. Contact us to schedule a consultation.



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Why Have a Technology Advisor?

  • Gain access to a wide selection of technology options
  • Put proven industry knowledge to work for you
  • Get customized solutions tailored to your business
  • Discover a wide selection of technology solutions
  • Access it all through one educated point of contact
  • Fully Eliminate all types of biased sales pressure
  • Gain an advocate who’s entirely invested in your success
  • Have a partner who’s ready to help you navigate future changes
  • Gain a competitive advantage that’s automated and integrated
  • All at no cost to you

Don’t Go Through Digital Transformation Alone

If you feel like you’re wandering through a technology wilderness, lost and unsure of where to turn, you can say goodbye to confusion and uncertainty.

Let an Integrated Technologies advisor help you understand where you are with targeted Consulting, show you the way forward with Advisory Services, and help you effectively navigate all that’s possible with Vendor Research & Selection.

You make all the decisions, but we’re here to guide you as you determine what’s best for you.

Schedule your no-cost Consulting, Advisory, and Vendor Research services today.


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