Technology is supposed to improve your business, not hinder your operation. But your business suffers when your IT doesn’t work the way you need it to. It’s no wonder many businesses in Asheboro need IT support to accommodate their growing businesses!

In Asheboro, we enjoy a centralized location in North Carolina with natural beauty and plenty of things to do. And as a small to medium-sized business in this area, you know that the zoo isn’t the only home to wild animals! Plenty of snakes are trying to slither their way into your data, and you deserve help from the best to keep your computers safe. For your business in Asheboro, IT support from our experts at Integrated Technologies can help.

The IT Services Your Business Deserves

Every business has different IT needs, so it’s crucial to work with an IT company that understands all the various aspects of IT. When you work with us, you have access to all these business IT support services and more.

A person in a suit points to a blue sign that says “IT” in white

Managed IT Services

Each business is unique and has individual needs that must be met skillfully. When you are looking for IT solutions but don’t want to figure it out all on your own, you deserve high-quality IT help with our Managed IT services. We offer several multi-layered solutions to ensure your IT meets all your business needs, no matter their size or scope.

A person on a cell phone and a person on a laptop share data

Co-Managed IT Services

With co-managed IT services, you have a choice regarding how much of your IT is managed in-house versus how much you want to outsource and what combination of those two things works well for your needs, even as they change. Close the gap between what your current employees can do and what you need to be done with our co-managed services today.

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As a small to medium-sized business, you are more likely to become the victim of a cyberattack than a larger business with a more robust security budget. Don’t fall victim to cybercriminals because you think your business is too small to be on their radar! Prepare and tighten your cybersecurity efforts today and keep your business safe.

a person is typing on a laptop as their information is being backed up

Backup and Disaster Recovery

You don’t want to risk losing your data forever. It’s just as essential to your every day as your employees—which is why Asheboro IT support for businesses like yours focuses heavily on backing up and storing your data. If a cybercriminal strikes, you should have a backup.

A person is interacting with files in the cloud

Cloud Solutions

Is your business looking for a quick and effective data-sharing solution? Cloud solutions make your company processes easier, and your data more accessible for everyone. It can also help improve productivity. These services can also scale up or down with your company easily, meaning you’ll always have the means to work the way you prefer.

A person reaches for a VoIP phone on a desk

VOIP Phones

Are you fighting with your phones constantly? Do your clients complain about dropped calls and strange noises in the background? VoIP phones are the solution to these and all your other phone call issues. If you’re ready for crystal clear call quality and the ability to take calls from anywhere, we can help! Learn more today about VoIP phone service!

A person at home is on a meeting on the computer with several other remote workers

Work from Home

The at-home workforce remains larger than ever before, and with that comes concerns about ensuring your remote team members have the resources they need and the security measures in place that your business requires. When your business in Asheboro needs IT support to keep your business’s remote force on track and safe, you can turn to us for help.

A doctor types on a white keyboard

HIPAA Compliance

There are different levels of IT compliance in the healthcare industry because of all the personal data collected. Working with an IT company that understands how sensitive medical information is can be the difference you need to stay up to date with the latest compliance policies and ensure your patient data is safe and properly protected. Safeguard patient information today.

blue cables come out of a computer component

Network Infrastructure

IT infrastructure isn’t just digital, it’s physical too. Whether you need new network cabling in your office building, security cameras for your servers, door access controls, or IT network support, you deserve to work with the professionals. For the highest quality IT support in the Asheboro area, let us help with all your digital and physical infrastructure needs!

Choose Local Asheboro IT Support Experts

Because of this area’s popularity with tourists, your business in Asheboro must prioritize IT support. There’s always more room to put additional security and help in place to protect you from data theft and breaches or even support your computers for the increased traffic during the busy season. You deserve the attention and help from IT professionals that live and work in this area too!

  • Focusing on your business is your priority; you don’t want to worry about your technology.
  • Your current technology and systems are hindering your operation more than helping.
  • Your computers need better security, and you want them to be more reliable.
  • Computer downtime costs money, and you are concerned about these costs.
  • Your employees want to work remotely, and you want more flexibility for your business.
  • Computer problems are a waste of time, and you want your employees to focus on their assigned tasks.
  • Your business understands that proactive maintenance is more efficient than repairs after a problem.

When you’re ready to speak to the technology experts, contact us at Integrated Technologies!