Winston-Salem is known for its industry. From the historical roots of the famous crops once grown in this area to today’s popular wine culture, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy! It’s no wonder so many businesses of all sizes have cropped up in this part of North Carolina. Locals and tourists alike have come to love this area, and the number of businesses here is a testament to that. From the over 75 restaurants downtown to the popular wineries and breweries, alongside many other small shops offering interesting wares and services, there is incredible industry here. And with all those businesses comes the need for superior Winston-Salem IT support.

Businesses in Winston-Salem Need These IT Support Services

If you are looking for IT support tailored to your business’s specific needs, it’s a good idea to start by giving our experts a call! We offer various services and can tailor our approach to your IT needs based on your business. You deserve to work with a company that won’t pad your IT package to sell you more services. Instead, trust a team that will custom-build your services to match your company's unique needs!

A keyboard with a blue key that says, “Managed IT Services.”

Managed IT Services

Your company needs computers for every aspect of business, which is why it can be so frustrating when something goes wrong! Managed IT services can help your team stay on top of potential issues before they turn into business-halting problems. With help for everything from two-factor authentication to remote connectivity, managed IT services can help take the stress out of IT.

Digital files floating over a person using a laptop.

Co-Managed IT Services

Even the best IT team can sometimes become overwhelmed with work. There are several things to attend to, from security and backups to patch management and routine maintenance. As your team grows, the responsibilities for your IT department grow too! Co-managed IT services allow you to supplement your team without adding additional staff.

A digital overlay that has icons and the words “cyber security” in the middle


It’s easy to feel safer from cyberattacks when you are a smaller business rather than a large company like Trader Joe's. After all, who would target your local establishment? The truth is that smaller businesses are more susceptible to cyberattacks than larger corporations with robust cybersecurity measures in place! Don’t become a victim of cybercrime—prepare ahead of time!

An image of a cloud downloading something with white text that says “backup” data

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Don’t be one of those business owners who assumes disaster will never strike their business. Understand that disaster comes in many ways and is entirely unpredictable. Prepare for what comes when it does inevitably happen instead! With backup and disaster recovery services, you can rest assured that your business will not come to a screeching halt in the face of disaster.

A person is touching a digital representation of a cloud with their finger.

Cloud Solutions

The cloud makes everything more convenient. Working from home, accessing files on the go, and communicating with colleagues while working on projects that might span time zones are just some of the perks associated with this service. The cloud works smarter for your business so you can focus on what matters while your employees have easy access to the resources they need to do their jobs successfully, day in and day out.

A phone showcasing a VoIP interface.

VOIP Phones

Help your business to go beyond the limitations of a traditional phone system. Enjoy clear, crisp communication from anywhere with an internet connection. The freedom of VoIP phone systems means you can access your phone calls anywhere in the world and even transfer them to a colleague across the country if you so desire. Stay connected to your coworkers and customers with this easy, convenient avenue of communication.

A person works at their desk at home.

Work from Home

With many companies switching to a hybrid or fully remote workforce, cybercriminals have had many opportunities to access your business’s precious data. But remote technology can be more secure, and with work-from-home services from the experts at our IT company, you can trust that your Winston-Salem business’s IT support is in good hands.

An image of a person working on a laptop with the word “HIPAA” over the computer in blue font.

HIPAA Compliance

If your medical practice is not HIPAA compliant, it doesn’t just compromise patient data but also your practice. Compliance standards can feel vague, which is why you need the IT professionals here to help you ensure your medical office is compliant. Don’t let the far-reaching consequences of lazy compliance be the downfall of your practice.

An image of a person working on a network's cabling.

Network Infrastructure

Within all industries, the network infrastructure is just as essential as the network itself. Hardware is what makes all of this work the way it’s supposed to, and it’s best to have your installation of all your technology-related hardware installed by professionals. Luckily, we have experience in both the installation of the hardware and what comes after with the IT services.

Get IT Support for Your Winston-Salem Business Needs

Many different people and industries are making their mark in Winston-Salem, and IT support is essential for all successful businesses here. Maybe you are looking to minimize downtime and have a more productive staff. Or maybe you need information technology support services to supplement your current IT team when working with vendors for one of the many art and theater festivals hosted here. Whatever the case may be, we can help.

You need services from our technology experts when:

  • You want to focus on your business and trust that your technology is taken care of, too.
  • The technology that you’re using now is hindering your business, not helping it.
  • Your team requires a reliable, secure network to work with.
  • You are concerned about the cost of downtime and how it could affect your business.
  • Quick access to reliable, regular backups is critical for your business.
  • Remote workers make up part of, or your whole, team.
  • Computer issues are leading to a decrease in employee productivity.
  • You prioritize proactive maintenance.
  • Your bottom line is a primary concern.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do for your business’s IT needs!