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If you're a small to midsize business in Salisbury looking to transform technology into a powerful tool that propels your business forward rather than a hindrance costing time and money, we are here to help! Our clients of Salisbury IT support typically have between 10 and 100 workstations and depend on their computers, networks, and the internet for daily operations. They often utilize specialized industry-specific software that is crucial to their business functions. Our clientele spans a diverse range of sectors, including private medical, accounting, finance, manufacturing, logistics, design, and engineering firms, primarily located in Salisbury and the surrounding Piedmont Triad areas.


Get the IT Services Your Business Needs

Every business has unique IT support needs, making it essential for you to choose an IT company that provides customized services tailored to them. By offering a comprehensive range of IT solutions, we ensure your business receives the assistance it deserves. We offer Salisbury IT support, managed services, and business-specific IT assistance, and more to address various aspects of your technological infrastructure.

A person looks at many managed IT options, including 24-hour service for issues.

Managed IT Services

Your business has IT support needs, and the availability of our various multi-tiered service plans allows for the fulfillment of your company's requirements. Discover our ten-layer model employed in delivering exceptional protection for your business data through our managed IT solutions and get the support you need today! Your business doesn’t have to handle IT alone.

People are gathered around a computer, with a woman explaining what’s happening on the screen.

Co-Managed IT Services

Frequently, there’s a disconnect between an IT department's capabilities and the tasks they need to complete. Close this gap by utilizing co-managed IT services, which enable your team to meet all your operational requirements and do their jobs. Experience the advantages of having both an internal IT team and external support to bolster their efforts!

A cybersecurity lock over a circuit board.


Many small and medium-sized businesses mistakenly believe they are not vulnerable to cyber attacks. However, this misconception is far from reality. Cybercriminals often target these businesses specifically due to their weaker security measures, making them more susceptible to attacks. In today's digital landscape, prioritizing cybersecurity has never been more crucial.

A person presses a digital cloud backup button.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your data is as vital to your operation as your workforce and equipment. Consequently, ensuring reliable backup and disaster recovery measures is a critical aspect of IT support for businesses in Salisbury, NC. When faced with unforeseen circumstances, is your organization prepared to tackle them?

A person holding a tablet with a digital cloud hovering over it.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions are ideal for businesses aiming to streamline daily operations and facilitate swift data sharing. With the ability to scale according to your organization's needs, cloud services provide enhanced flexibility and empower you to work from any location in Salisbury or beyond!

A woman uses a headset to talk to a client on a VoIP system.

VoIP Phones

Exhausted by landlines, unclear audio, and disconnected calls? VoIP phones address these issues by delivering crystal-clear connections between your employees and clients. Making phone calls becomes incredibly straightforward with VoIP services -- all you need is an internet connection to place a call!

A person works from home at their computer desk, with a plant and a cup of coffee.

Work from Home

The sudden transition to remote work caught many businesses off guard, leaving them unprepared for the challenges associated with a distributed workforce. Companies in Salisbury embracing the work-from-home model require IT support that safeguards their data without jeopardizing security or hindering productivity. When you need IT support for your work-from-home staff, we can help!

A medical professional works on their laptop.

HIPAA Compliance

Navigating IT compliance challenges specific to HIPAA is crucial for the healthcare industry and businesses within that realm. To maintain your medical practice's compliance, partnering with an IT company well-versed in securing and protecting patient data is vital. Entrusting this sensitive information to just any IT firm is not an option; instead, rely on a seasoned team of HIPAA compliance IT experts.

A person is plugging in a blue cord into a system with many cords.

Network Infrastructure

IT infrastructure extends beyond the digital world and encompasses physical components as well. Network cabling, security camera installation, door access control, and IT network support are all integral parts of your infrastructure. Our trustworthy team offers top-notch IT structuring support for spaces ranging from compact office environments to expansive commercial buildings.

Choose Local Salisbury IT Support Experts

A diverse range of companies in many sectors are leaving their imprint in Salisbury, with IT support playing a crucial role in the success of businesses in the area. Perhaps you're seeking to reduce downtime and boost staff productivity, or you might require outsourced IT support services to enhance your existing IT team. Regardless of your needs, we're here to assist you. 

Turn to our IT support and technology experts when:

  • Concentrating on your business is essential, and you don't want technological concerns to distract you.
  • Your existing technology infrastructure is more of an obstacle than an asset to your operations.
  • Enhancing the security and dependability of your computers is a priority.
  • You're worried about the financial implications of computer downtime.
  • You recognize the importance of data backups for your business and must implement them immediately.
  • You want to provide remote work options for your employees and increase your business's flexibility.
  • You believe that addressing computer issues is time-consuming and prefer your employees to focus on their core tasks.
  • Your company values proactive maintenance as a more effective approach compared to fixing problems after they arise.
  • Your business's bottom line is of utmost importance to you.

When you’re ready to speak to the Salisbury IT support experts, contact us at Integrated Technologies!