A man in business-casual-wear holds out his hand with a digital-looking cloud hovering above itAre you struggling to grow your business? Do you want to invest in infrastructure but can't make the budget work for it? Then cloud-based IT solutions are the answer you need! Cloud computing power has been a game-changing development for small businesses that want to stay growing and competitive.

For businesses, small and large, IT infrastructure can be one of the most significant expenses. While these investments are daunting, they are critical to providing you with tools, data storage, and abilities to continue your business on a path to success and growth. Talk to Integrated Technologies today to begin working with these incredible opportunities!


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What Are Cloud-Based IT Solutions?

The cloud computing resources available to you can be world-changing, but there is a lot of concern and confusion around what cloud-based IT solutions entail. On the simplest level, cloud-based solutions are services hosted on a cloud server or elsewhere, meaning you won't need to invest in extensive infrastructure to access and use them.

The cloud is a network of computing resources that are available on demand. Simply put, the cloud is just another computer that you can pay to use. Small businesses can access files remotely, store backups for business continuity and disaster recovery, and access large-scale inventory without issue.

What Types of Cloud-Based Services are Available?

In general, public cloud-based IT solutions are divided into three major categories. These three categories are based on how they solve your business issues, depending on how much investment and infrastructure you need:

Infrastructure as a Service

Your network infrastructure provides your business with a foundation upon which you can build robust business processes. Infrastructure as a service can provide virtual machines to keep employees collaborative, servers to keep data connected, and cybersecurity resources to keep you safe.

Platform as a Service

When you can't find a tool specific to your business's needs, your IT department can use the platform as a service tool to build and host new software applications. These platform development workflow tools provide languages, libraries, and tools that allow you to develop and invest in long-term solutions to your processes.

Software as a Service

Software companies have always known the value of providing access to their applications or backend service options. You likely already use Microsoft 365, one of the most common SaaS options. This paradigm allows access to a single application or suite of programs—Salesforce is another popular SaaS solution.

Each cloud service provider format can provide ample benefits and solutions to your difficulties, regardless of how large or small your business is. That said, when small companies adopt cloud-based solutions, they can receive significant benefits that allow them to compete with larger corporations.


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The Top Benefits of Cloud-based IT Solutions

A man in business casual stacks wooden blocks with a cloud, folder, and document-related symbols on them.Cloud-based IT solutions can provide countless benefits to your processes and workflow, depending on the tools and software you focus on. But across the board, cloud-based software development has focused on providing these benefits:

Cost efficiency

Infrastructure is one of the highest costs of developing a new step in your workflow. A significant benefit of software solutions and cloud-based services is that you don't spend large payments on maintaining or upgrading the system - just the monthly or yearly payment for using the cloud service itself.


Cloud solutions can be incredibly customizable for your needs, and cloud services are often used across multiple industries. Cloud computing services can provide tailored support that you usually can't get from off-the-shelf solutions. Cloud tools can be flexible and empowering for businesses with particular niche needs.


Because these software-as-service cloud providers are focused on developing and maintaining the infrastructure as a service, they are building a business based on large-scale infrastructure. This means your company can scale much larger, thanks to the freedom to use this larger system.


Since cloud-based IT solutions use the Internet to provide their services, you and your employees can access them wherever you are. This allows your team to collaborate in real time, regardless of location. Additionally, employees who work remotely due to disability or health issues can continue to provide their skills and services while they support themselves via cloud offerings.

When you choose a cloud-based IT solution, you select a tool built into an internet connection-based paradigm that offers all of these benefits and more.

Solve Your Business Problems with Integrated Technologies!

Your business can't stay the same size forever. However, growth is challenging to manage, takes time to plan, and can be prohibitively expensive. Handling large and complicated technologies is complex and requires extensive knowledge. As one of the best IT companies in the High Point area of North Carolina, we know technology.

Call us today, and we will help you explore the world of cloud-based IT solutions to get your business's service, platform, and infrastructure needs met.


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