A group of IT consultants discussing their work at a table covered in papers and notebooks.

A group of IT consultants discussing their work at a table covered in papers and notebooks.IT consulting can provide insights and ways to improve your systems, but it won’t do you much good if you lack the bandwidth to make those improvements. You could look to IT outsourcing to make changes, but then you’re just paying to be a middle-man while you waste your time going back and forth between two groups that should be working for you. But when you combine IT consulting with a team that can actually carry out strategies developed, you enter a new paradigm that offers the benefits of both consulting and outsourcing.

IT consulting outsourcing services combine the best of both worlds in a managed service that develops as it protects. Service providers can take on the full breadth of your IT needs to ensure that your business is moving forward and upwards. Read on to learn more about how our service will improve your business outcomes, or call today to start the conversation with an experienced IT consulting & outsourcing provider.


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What Is the Difference Between IT Consulting & IT Outsourcing?

a consultant discusses his findings with a clientIT outsourcing differs in the way that IT professionals will approach the project. Broadly speaking, IT consulting defines the direction and strategy of the project, while IT outsourcing focuses on implementation, strategy, and execution. These two mindsets can be viewed like this:

IT consultants are high-perspective, forward-thinking, and motivated by development. They think about the IT world and what information technology can do for you, helping you look forward to scalability and development.

IT outsourcing is practical, hands-on, and motivated by tangible goals. Outsourced help will work on things like infrastructure services and disaster recovery. An IT outsourcing company will provide consistent support and assessments that help your work today.

IT consulting services help you shape a strategy, and outsourcing enacts it. These teams can also work together on implementing projects for specific purposes. However, hiring flexible and knowledgeable professionals who can do both can be more efficient. IT consulting outsourcing services bring the strategic and the practical together.

Why Should You Hire Outsourced IT Services?

Outsourced services are necessary because they allow for a more efficient and productive business operation. An in-house dedicated team of IT professionals is typically the best option for a business, but it can be prohibitively expensive and take years to develop. For when you need your information technology to be handled today, outsourced IT services will provide huge benefits:

dollar sign icon Cost Savings

Outsourcing services to a third-party company provides the major benefit of not needing to employ, train, and retain an internal IT team. Even if you already have one, outsourced team augmentation is often cheaper than development and growth of your own team.

meeting icon IT Expertise

One person can't know everything about IT. There are so many facets to IT—from HIPPA compliance in medical facilities to software support for financial firms. That’s why outsourcing services is so beneficial. You can bring in an outside team and apply all of their knowledge to your business needs.

growth icon Scalability

An IT outsourcing company can apply as much or as little of its workforce to your operation as you like. Agile teams will help you stay flexible as you grow. This scalability means your business needs will be met from your current state and change as your business needs do.

Outsourcing IT support provides notable benefits to your company and why there has recently been such an explosion in the number of IT consulting outsourcing service providers. These businesses can provide marked benefits with very efficient return on investment. Hire a service provider if you want to improve your data security and technical expertise and have better local support.

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How to Choose the Right IT Service Provider for Your Company

There are many considerations to make before working with an IT consulting and outsourcing company. This process can be as slow or quick as you’d like, and you should carefully consider each provider. We have a list of questions you should ensure your consultants can answer, but these are the three major categories to consider when interviewing a potential IT service provider:

Pricing models

How much support do you need? The cost will vary depending on what your goals and situation are, which needs to be balanced against what you can afford. Will you pay a monthly flat fee or are charged by the hour? Ask your potential providers if they offer 24/7 support, if they outsource their work, and how their work is organized.


IT consulting outsourcing will entail both strategy and daily support. Be sure to discuss the capabilities and offerings of the providers you research. Are they able to secure and protect your business? Can they perform regular backups? Do they know the technology and applications your business needs to use? What is their process like?

Customer service

Customer service is the key to the world of IT services. Learning the ins and outs of a system is one thing, but communicating and responding to the people who work within the system takes talent. Fast response times, good client reviews, and knowledgeable account managers are key. Ask potential providers for reviews from current clients.

Getting your needs taken care of on time requires a top IT outsourcing and consulting company that is there when you need it. IT consulting outsourcing can be essential to unlocking possibilities for your company's future.

See a Digital Transformation with Integrated Technologies Behind You

Between safeguarding your IT infrastructure and implementing innovative technology, your business needs IT team augmentation to offer tech solutions that won't break the bank. You need cost-effective solutions from a company that is always working hard to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.

We want to seamlessly integrate our IT services with your business. As an IT consulting and outsourcing provider, we have worked with a broad spectrum of compliance regulations, digital services, and infrastructure management. You can trust that we have the knowledge, experience, and creative solutions that you want. Call today and learn more about what Integrated Technologies can do for you!


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