An abstract computer representation of a map with a cloud made of points and lines aboveAre you struggling to stay in constant contact with your employees or managers? Have you received complaints from clients about difficulties reaching someone? UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) companies provide businesses with more employee communication, contact, and communication methods.

When your business grows beyond a certain point, communications becomes its own department. At this point, you need to start investing in UCaaS, which means investing in a unified communications solution for your team. But what is UCaaS, and how does it benefit your business? Keep reading to learn about UCaaS’s meaning and solutions, then contact us to get started on your enhanced communication capabilities.

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What Is UCaaS?

UCaaS stands for Unified Communications as a Service. This vague term refers to cloud services that include a wide variety of communications tools – text chats, video calls, conferencing, and file sharing, among others – under one unified umbrella. This cloud communications model provides tools to improve collaboration, unify your team, and offer greater flexibility to your company's network. Many platforms can serve your needs if you understand UCaaS's meaning and purpose.

UCaaS platforms include Zoom and Microsoft Teams video call systems, Slack and other text messengers, voice-over IP, and video conferencing tools. When choosing a provider, you should understand their work and what they can do for you. UCaas's meaning is a service and tool that can enhance and empower your business through cloud-based integration.

How Does UCaaS Work for You?

A UCaaS platform integrates software for synchronous and asynchronous communications across all devices. This capability allows for consistent and constant collaboration among your teams.

A UCaaS platform should deliver many communications features, from cloud telephony to video conferencing, team collaboration, and app integrations. Your best UCaaS platforms will include:

  • Servers for running applications and saving messages, preferably through third-party or public data centers such as AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure.
  • Software clients that will help you organize, access, and perform duties via web browsers.
  • Access points through the same internet protocol, such as phones, video conferencing, and instant messengers.

These three general components will allow you to access cloud services and remain connected no matter where you are.

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What Are the Benefits of UCaaS?

The primary benefits that you will see from UCaaS will include:

  • Scalability and flexibility — A cloud-based service will no longer limit you by your on-site servers, technology, and tools.
  • Disaster Recovery — UCaaS platforms provide ample data restoration and recovery tools, preventing valuable data loss during disasters.
  • Advanced communications — You can utilize more advanced communication methods with improved tools and applications.
  • Improved Productivity — Communication is the foundation of all productivity, so improving your communications tools will build a better business.

Small businesses use Teams, Zoom, and other simple UCaaS platforms because they often lack the tools and resources to have in-house unified communications solutions. Even larger companies can use UCaaS platform tools to stay streamlined and embrace cost savings. They use these platforms to unify their teams across large distances and coordinate disparate groups – something you can do with the right IT management team.

What Are the Drawbacks of UCaaS?

A large cloud icon with lines and points inside, surrounded by smaller icons.While UCaaS platforms provide cloud-based solutions to dozens of common business issues, this form of service also has some shortcomings.

  • Less control over the communications platform
  • Complicated to integrate with other systems
  • Security challenges and exposure to new risks

These are not insurmountable issues but can be challenging to work around if you aren't prepared.

Gaining control over your corporate communications platform will require choosing a unified communications service provider with customizable tools. Integration with complex tools and systems requires a capable advisor or technology manager. Security will always be a concern, but capable security experts will take the time to patch vulnerabilities and access learning resources early.

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How Do I Choose a UCaaS Platform?

The UCaaS market is well established, which means there are many standardized and regular tools across the industry. However, every platform takes the time to make itself stand out and fit its audience's specific needs. When you evaluate providers, you should take the time to assess based on specific criteria:

Compare to Your Current Communication Tool Stack

You likely already have many of the tools a UCaaS platform would provide, such as instant messaging, VoIP technology, or audio conferencing. Compare and assess the value your current tools provide compared to the potential improvements.

Consider the Communications Features You Need

What gaps exist in your current toolkit? As business processes develop, you might realize there are missing links in your business communications or processes. Many UCaaS solutions include tools that will improve your business communications.

List Out Cost Savings and Cost of Migration

You might find a single UCaaS solutions subscription attractive when you have many subscriptions. But it's worth taking the time to weigh the cost of migrating and transitioning to this new system.

Establish Security, Compliance, and Government Requirements

If you work in an industry with strict client or business data requirements, ensure that you work with UCaaS providers who guarantee their security and adherence. Compliance and governance are often not negotiable.

Invest in Your Future with UCaaS Solutions!

Technology is rapidly growing. From machine learning and AI to advancements in network tools and security features, you need to stay flexible and on top of your business communications. Staying ahead of the competition requires a constant eye on the future of business communication and a robust unified communications technology network to remain cohesive as a team.

Integrated Technologies can help you find your technological answers and keep you moving forward as a powerful and cohesive unit. We have helped dozens of groups across North Carolina develop their UCaaS solutions into fully formed and unified communications centers.

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