A hand reaches for a small cloud symbol which has two arrows pointing to and from beneath itself.Small and midsize businesses can struggle with the proper data protection they need. Are you worried about the longevity of your professional and personal data? Can you ensure you won't lose hundreds of hours of work if your organization's data is lost? Human error is unavoidable, but you can avoid the worst with a good backup strategy.

Standard backup performance can be spotty due to physical concerns, but cloud backup providers can give you complete control over your organization’s business continuity. When dealing with your organization’s data, there is no such thing as too much redundancy. Cloud based backup solutions for servers are the answer to your biggest data safety fears. Read on to learn more, and call us today to get started towards getting peace of mind for you and your business.

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Why to Choose Cloud Backups for Your Network Server

Cloud backup services are one of the best ways to protect server data. When the worst happens—a storm damages your building or hackers attack your business—the disaster recovery process begins. This involves locating stored data, pulling the backup, applying it to your workspace, and restoring files and folders to their pre-crisis state.

This process can be reasonably reliable when you do the hard work of structuring a crisis recovery plan. But that hard work requires constant upkeep and practice to restore backups consistently. Managed service providers can help you locate a cloud backup provider that will take that hard work off your shoulders and provide you with smoother, more reliable cloud storage options.

How to Choose a Cloud Backup Service

Choosing cloud-based backup solutions for servers isn't easy, as there are many reasons to choose a service and many ways these services can function. But it would help if you took the time to consider your needs and concerns critically.

  • Security Features: One of the most important things to consider is the security of your potential backup software solution. If your data is stolen or attacked, then the backup doesn't serve much purpose—research private keys, multiple cloud accounts, object locking, and other security features available.
  • Reliability: How does the provider guarantee reliability and trust? Ask where your backups are stored, how accessible they are, and if other services use the same storage space, as this communal aspect could pose risks to your backup.
  • Mobility: How easy is it to move data between physical and cloud environments? Virtual machines are often used to boot in a public cloud, and they need to be given appropriate drivers. This kind of support and accessibility is critical.
  • Cost: Price is essential for a business data backup solution, and you should calculate the cost as best as possible. Cloud vendors typically charge per gigabyte stored and have different tiers for pricing more significant amounts of data. Additional charges might come from transfers and other services provided.

Cloud-based backup solutions for servers need to be secure, mobile, reliable, and flexible while not costing more than they’re worth. Finding something that fits all of your needs requires an experienced and knowledgeable expert in the industry. We can help you do this via our managed IT services and other services that we provide.

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4 Kinds of Cloud Backup Solutions for Servers

There are a few forms of cloud backup services that you can choose from. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, which a managed services provider can help you determine.

A hand holds a phone at its fingertips, and a cloud symbol with arrows beneath it hovers above the telephone.Public Cloud Backup

You can back up data directly by simply subscribing to a public cloud storage service, such as Dropbox, Google Cloud and Drive, or OneDrive. These are not ideal for business purposes, but they can be a viable option for small and midsize businesses looking for cheap and readily available general storage. These also have the benefit of sharing data with other groups. Business network drives can be directly backed up to a data center, but the data security may not meet your standards.

Service Provider

Many cloud providers provide backup services. The primary benefit of this backup style is that you likely already have a service provider you are comfortable with. Internet connection is critical for your day-to-day, so adding a cloud backup solution to your package shouldn't be difficult.

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

C2C backup services are helpful when you already employ a cloud environment for your workforce. With work-from-home employment becoming so common, you might find it simple to work with a cloud storage location that isn't so different from your standard workday.

Physical Backup with Cloud Secondaries

You should leverage this in concert with your cloud backup storage if you have access to high-quality hardware. Using local backups and cloud-based backup solutions for servers will ensure you have some of the most powerful and consistently performing backup applications.

Don't Be Caught Off Guard By Disaster!

When you are dealing with large quantities of data, your network doesn't just become stressed, but it also becomes a target. This creates a problematic situation in which you need to back up your data and protect and secure it.

Cloud-based backup solutions for servers can give you the flexibility, accessibility, and security that a business needs for long-term success and health. Let us help you find the right solution for your business needs. You don’t need the struggle of searching through the many cloud storage companies out there – you just need your business protected, the Integrated Technologies way!

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