IT Concierge Service With Prompt Response Times

The best benefit of working with Integrated Technologies is always receiving prompt service. As a financial planning firm, IT downtime wreaks havoc with our team, so prompt service is key and we are very grateful for this.

Integrated Technologies is set apart from their competition in many ways. Promptness of service is one of the key benefits. The office staff are always courteous and quick to send a ticket to get a tech on the problem. Typically, we receive same day or next day responses to our request. Their billing is easy to understand and effortless.

IT companies are plentiful, but what I have found with our affiliation with Integrated Technologies for almost 10 years is that they provide an IT Concierge service. What I mean by that is they can plan out the project, run the wiring, work with your local internet/phone provider and have everything running in short time.  They take pride in their work, making sure it is running correctly and are respectful of your office environment, cleaning up along the way.  They specialize in individual, concierge service which is very rare in today’s world.

Donna Blakely, Markting & Client Relations Donna B Marketing & Client Relations
Financial Industry

Do Whatever It Takes Attitude

Integrated Technologies has a "do whatever it takes” attitude for maintaining and repairing our IT infrastructure. Integrated not only talks the talk but they also walk the walk.  For me it was hard to know who to trust in the IT service world.  Integrated has met and exceeded all our expectations. They were able to provide immediate relief of internal day to day IT operations.  This partnership has allowed us to take a proactive perspective instead of just reacting when issues arise.

Rocky Carpenter II, Plant Manager Rocky C Plant Manager
Manufacturing Industry

Integrated Technologies Understands Our Business Needs

I love that Integrated Technologies is a local High Point company that understands our business needs in the marketplace. They respond to our needs promptly via a face to face meeting or conference call. I feel that the service is personalized. Integrated Technologies is an extension of our team and they treat our business as a priority. The staff makes it a point to form that relationship with our business. They listen and will help you reach your goals based on your deadlines, budget, and needs within your business. They come to our staff meetings and educate our staff on training and trends in IT and business communication.

Melody Burnett, President Melody B President
Hospitality Industry

Incredibly Responsive, Truly An Extension Of Our Management Team

Integrated Technologies is truly a business partner, playing a key role in our IT outsourcing strategy. From the simplest need to the most complex, they provide cost-effective sourcing and implementation solutions. Simply put - they get it! Integrated works to understand our business model and various functional strategies better than any technology firm I have ever worked with. They are incredibly responsive and are truly an extension of our management team. Their recommendations are spot on and doable. After 10+ years of partnering together, Integrated Technologies has earned my highest recommendation. These are the go-to guys!

Ted Lowery Ted L EVP-COO
Manufacturing Industry

Integrated Provided Peace Of Mind

We have partnered with Integrated on large technology projects and the work has been done well, on time and guaranteed.  They provided peace of mind and just simply took care of business.  They know how things should be done without needing direction every step of the way.  I recommend giving Integrated Technologies a try - you won’t be disappointed.

Sean Stowers Sean S Director of Information Technology
Medical Industry

Consistent High-Quality, Professional Results

We always receive consistent, high quality work with Integrated.  We know what to expect each time we call them for a project. They continually provide us with a timely response and professional results. If you are looking for a technology company to partner with, Integrated has an excellent team with knowledgeable personnel who are willing to work with you to achieve your goals.

Jeff Maness Jeff M Technology Director
Education Industry

Response Time Is Critical For A Small Business

Response time is critical for a small business. With Integrated Technologies,  we don’t feel like a small fish in a big pond. Not only do we feel that we have a dedicated “go-to person” that understands our business, we also have the confidence that there is a strong back-up team that we can rely on, as well.

Joanne Sherlock Joanne S CFO
Manufacturing Industry

Integrity, Quality And Fair Price

Two of the biggest benefits of working with Integrated are quick response time and quality of service. You have been able to handle every issue that I have ever contacted you for. When I choose a technology partner, the most important things to me are Integrity, quality and fair price. We have received all of this through Integrated.

Steve McDaniel Steve M Facilities Manager

Personalized Service From A Local Company We Know We Can Trust

The service we are receiving from Integrated Technologies is personalized and prompt. They know the in’s and out’s of our entire network and are able to resolve any issues quickly.  In the past, we used other larger companies.  They would send out a different technician every time.  Issues took longer to fix and it felt very impersonal.  With Integrated tech, you are not a number.  They are a locally owned company that will get to know you, your business and your needs and provide top notch service.

Nikki Barber Nikki B Practice Administrator
Medical Industry

Response Times Are Unbeatable

One of our biggest benefits of working with Integrated Technologies is their response time. When we generate a support ticket, we receive a confirmation with confidence the issue will be resolved quickly. They explain step by step what the issues were, what they did to fix the issue and how to prevent it from happening again in the future. We have had nothing but success working with Integrated Technologies. They are very knowledgeable about all aspects of technology and their response times are unbeatable.

Rhonda Sigmon Rhonda S Assistant Corporate Secretary
Construction Industry

This Partnership Has Become Invaluable To Our Ministry

The Integrated team has created a culture of quality and performance that demands in-depth knowledge, communication, and integrity at every level. They have provided us with streamlined and timely service communicating precisely and effectively. As a global, non-profit operator, we require a partner at their level of care and commitment to ensure our success. This partnership has become invaluable to our ministry.

Andy Bowersox Andy B Executive Director

They Listen To Our Problems And Craft A Solution, 100% Satisfied

Integrated has proven to be the leader in advanced camera and security solutions that we have desperately needed.  The team is very proactive is solving our technology needs and exceeding schedule expectations.  They continue to follow-up and ensure we are happy with the solution and it is meeting our expectations. Integrated Technologies listens to our problems and helps craft a solution that meets our needs and budget.  They are quick to help with emergency needs and ensures our solutions are performing for our needs. The Integrated team is all “hands-on” with the customer.  They put the upfront attention to ensuring a successful project and the customer’s expectations are met.  If any issue arises during and immediately after the project, they are quick to resolve and ensure we are 100% satisfied, not only in the Information Technology department, but also the general office management and staff.

Taylor Driscoll Taylor D Director of Information Technology
Medical Industry

Simply A Hassle-Free Choice

Integrated provided a truly turn-key solution to upgrading our very old, multi-mode fiber network to a highly redundant, single-mode network with capacity to last well into the future. The installation was professional and efficient from planning to turn-up. Integrated provided experienced, competent project management at all phases of the project. From our experience, Integrated is simply a hassle-free choice.

Larry Burton Larry B Assistant Vice President for IT
Education Industry

Unbelievable Expertise And Amazing Responsiveness!!

One of the biggest benefits of Integrated Technologies is having your knowledge and expertise available whenever we need it. Your response time is fantastic. We receive quick answers either remotely, over the phone or you arrive in person within minutes. Don’t hesitate, choose Integrated Technologies for unbelievable expertise and amazing responsiveness!!

Gary L Administrator

They Truly Understand Our Business

One of the primary benefits of working with Integrated Technologies is their ability to truly understand our business.  I am not talking just the IT side (which they are excellent) but what we do day in and day out to make money and survive as a company.  Their understanding of the nuts and bolts uniquely equips them to serve all our technology needs. Integrated does many things better than the competition, but one thing that stands out is their ability to look at the big picture.  They obviously address your specific/current need however they are always thinking down the road.  How well what they do for us today will affect us in the years to come. If you are looking for a new IT partner, just give Integrated Technologies a try, you will not be disappointed.  The proof is in the pudding!

Don S Owner
Transportation Industry

IT Prowess To Face The “Technology Dragons”

I have the confidence that when our computer or internet goes down for whatever reason, Integrated Technologies will respond. All I need to do is email or call, and they get the job done. Response times are immediate for urgent issues and they are excellent at calming my alarmed reactions to the issue.  They respond right away. Integrated Technologies retain the IT prowess to face the “technology dragons” for you and get your business back on track ASAP. [maybe they should have named the company ASAP Technologies instead of Integrated Technologies.]  I highly recommend them for your computer/internet repairs. Call them!

Loretta W Clubhouse Manager
Entertainment Industry

Very Cost Effective

The single biggest benefit to using Integrated Technologies is the time it takes to get the issue resolved.  This is extremely important to our business as we are losing money when any of our computers are down. Integrated Technologies has benefited our company and has been very cost effective for us.  We like the idea that they keep up with any computers that may need to be replaced and gives us a notice in time to budget for the need.

Wanda F Vice President
Manufacturing Industry

The Ability To Trust Someone Is Invaluable

The biggest compliment and comfort I can give Integrated Technologies is “trust”.  It is so difficult to find anyone you can trust, especially in things that we don’t know very much about.  Consequently, it’s easy to question and doubt whether we’re being taken advantage of or not.  The ability to trust someone is invaluable. Part of that ability to trust Integrated, is the confidence that you have shown to stay with the problem until it is resolved and not pass it off to another party, even if it is another party’s problem.

George S Manager
Self Storage Industry

Rapid Responses Are Outstanding

Integrated has provided us the ability to better understand our cabling infrastructure and improve that environment significantly. Their customer support and rapid responses are outstanding. Integrated has always been transparent and will correct any misunderstanding to the client's satisfaction.

Nemo G Information Technology
Medical Industry

100% Accurate And Completely Satisfied

Integrated has provided us with peace of mind through their customer service skills. They took the time to explain exactly what hardware was needed and the process required to install it. The cost associated with the project was 100% accurate and we were completely satisfied with the project from start to finish. The City of Asheboro Public Works would highly recommend Integrated because they do what they say. They have met our expectations and were spot-on concerning the capabilities with the equipment we purchased. Great company!

Andrew C Water/Wastewater Superintendent

Complete, Turn-Key Solution

We were provided a complete, turn-key solution. I simply explained what I wanted, and they made it happen. I felt every step of the process was completed as a long-term solution, that was accurate the first time. The Integrated team offers a wide variety of expertise from IT solutions to building connectivity construction services. They are fully capable of designing and implementing the ultimate plan for success. I understand that every company has its specialty, but I feel like the sky is the limit when working with Integrated. They have all the equipment, knowledge and resources to get it done.

Marshall G Owner
Entertainment Industry

Always Prompt And On-Time to Meet Our Unique Needs

Integrated is very knowledgeable and aware of circumstances pertaining to our project and provide answers to any questions that may arise. They are always prompt and on-time to complete what was planned in a very neat and thorough way. A great group to work with! They are very knowledgeable in technology and work very hard to meet our unique needs.

Dennis L Camp Director

Fully Staffed Team That’s Always Available

Integrated offers a fully staffed team to complete all our requested tasks. They are prompt at problem solving and always available to answer and questions.

Betty E President
Manufacturing Industry

Quick Response Time

Integrated Technologies offers a quick response time. When a problem arose, they responded and resolved the issue very quickly. Not only do they know our network, but they also know our dental software. This is crucial to troubleshooting and getting a proper solution for the technical issues.

Adrienne C Dental Industry

High Level Of Competency And Trust

The Integrated Team has been able to take care of all our phone and data needs, but even more importantly, they have been open with showing us what steps they took to complete the jobs.  Their training has been extremely beneficial to AkzoNobel. Integrated has been the only company which could take care of our data needs AND help with our older technology telephone systems. Integrated is the company to go with due to their high level of competency and the trust I have in their work and technicians.

Ben P Controls Technician
Manufacturing Industry