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Managed cloud services are the best way to stay connected and protected in today’s ever-changing world. Productivity tools are now cloud-based, and cloud computing is crucial to keep your business flexible. Get access to Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Teams, and other Microsoft applications through the empowering of Office 365 on any device.

Would Your Business Benefit from Cloud-Based Productivity Tools and Services?

There have been massive shifts in how people work over the last few years. Many within the global workforce have shifted to working from home, prompting businesses across industries to prioritize better remote security for their teams. To keep up with this demand for more flexibility in the workforce, cloud-based services have become a crucial aspect for many business owners!

Whether you own a small local Greensboro business or a larger company, your business will benefit from cloud-based productivity tools and services. Cloud-based services are convenient, easy to use, and allow for more flexibility. Additionally, when you rely on cloud computing, you open your talent pool up and can pull from talent worldwide! You are no longer limited to local employees.

Improve Your Productivity and Protect Company Data

Cloud computing means you and your team can work anywhere, managing your files or projects quickly and safely. Access your company’s network anywhere and enjoy the following benefits:

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The goal of owning a business is growth and increased profitability. With cloud computing, you can rest assured that your technology can scale up with you quickly as your workforce expands. The opposite is true, too! If your team shrinks for whatever reason, your cloud services can also scale down with the team.

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Flexibility and Mobility

Your business becomes more attractive to the world’s best talent when you offer flexible work styles, including remote work options or workspaces that utilize hybrid clouds and in-office work. Cloud computing also allows busy workers to access files from any approved device, not just a desktop. Accessing company files from a cell phone, while maintaining proper cybersecurity protocols, means that your employees have better access to their jobs in a way that works for them.

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Better Communication and Collaboration

Utilizing cloud-based messaging services and cloud-hosted email can facilitate quick communication for many workplaces. Reach out instantly, and be able to rally your team at a moment’s notice if need be. No more waiting in an office boardroom while your coworkers wander in last minute or even a few minutes after the meeting starts, disrupting the meeting. You’ll receive meeting reminders in a digital conference, so you and your team are always on time. And if they cannot make it on time, a single message alerts the whole group.

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Increased Security

Cloud-based security measures are much more robust than in-house teams can provide. That’s because an internal IT team has to divide their time and attention to your company’s technical concerns, and security is only one of them. Even the best IT employee cannot dedicate 24/7 to cybersecurity concerns the way that cloud-based security systems can.

Additionally, some industries have cybersecurity compliance concerns that the government monitors. Having cloud-based cybersecurity in place can help your business comply with these mandates, even if they change over time.

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Quality Control

When you have integrated cloud solutions, you know all your files are stored in one place. This central location means they have consistent formatting and, if you wish, branding that you can save into multiple folders for easy reference.

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Disaster Recovery

Cloud computing can help immensely in disaster recovery scenarios. In case of a breach, having data backups, thanks to your cloud services, can minimize downtime and get your business back up and running quickly. Downtime is extremely costly. Combine lost productivity, lost revenue, and the fact that you still need to pay your employees for their time. Even if they cannot use their computers, you are losing money for every minute your company doesn’t have access to crucial data. Cloud-based backups can help mitigate the negative effects of any disaster, should one occur.

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Loss Prevention

If you don’t use cloud computing, your data is tied exclusively to a single physical location—wherever your work computers are located. Even if your company supplies your employees with laptops, there’s a chance of loss. Laptops can be stolen, lost, or misplaced. Hardware can randomly and suddenly stop working. User error, like one spilled coffee, can completely decimate a computer that may have your company’s most important project stored on it. Cloud computing prevents the loss of invaluable data, even if a hard drive fries or breaks. You still have access to every file from within that hardware.

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Automatic Updates

Updating your network and software is crucial to maintain current cybersecurity measures and is an attractive benefit of cloud computing. Outdated software or operating systems contain cracks that criminals can slip through and find your data. Automatic updates can keep your files secure and help prevent theft!

Why Choose Integrated Technologies for Your Cloud-Based Services?

When you’re ready to incorporate cloud computing and productivity tools into your workflow, you must work with the experts. You want to ensure you get the right tools and services for your needs. Each business is different and has different tools that work for their needs!

A successful cloud practice requires more than just technology. It takes having a partner every step of the way, empowering you with the education, resources, and support you need to grow your business. Integrated Technologies is a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner for Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions. We can manage the complexity of your unique cloud solutions so you can focus on your business. We provide the tools your business needs to stay flexible and accessible from anywhere in today’s world.

Microsoft Partner - Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions

A cloud-based solution enhances your day-to-day business processes by allowing your employees to share, edit, and publish documents in a unified system while improving email communication. Because the experts maintain these services at Integrated Technologies, you will never have to worry about management, maintenance, or equipment to keep your cloud services running smoothly. A cloud solution scales with your business and can be easily customized for your specific business needs. Better yet, using a cloud-based infrastructure means that even if disaster strikes your office, you can still access critical files from anywhere, not just your office.


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Designed for the needs of small to mid-size businesses, Microsoft 365 business plans offer a single, integrated technology solution that combines the Office productivity apps users know and love with granular device management and best-in-class security features.

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