A laptop with a notebook and pen next to it displays a cloud icon with other applications connected to it.Have you been dealing with IT headaches that slow down your workday? Cloud integration services could be the answer to your troubles. These services allow you to offload your tech troubles onto the cloud, freeing up your time and removing expenses. But without a team of experts, navigating this process can be difficult.

If you are facing the daunting task of investing in physical hardware and data storage to continue growing, consider the many benefits of a cloud integration platform for your long-term business health and safety. If the following benefits of cloud integration sound right for you, call us today, and we'll discuss how to start your journey towards being free as a cloud!


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1. Cloud Integration Comes in Two Flexible Forms

When you first start looking to integrate cloud computing into your business processes, you should know what forms this integration platform could take. The flexibility of a cloud system means that you can decide for yourself what aspects of your network should be integrated with the cloud. There are two types of cloud integration platforms: Data integration and application integration.

Data integration with the cloud involves bringing all your data into one cloud-based platform. Cloud integration of data streamlines data management and allows you to stay in sync across the globe. With application integration platforms, you will log into cloud-based applications for a more cooperative and interactive team. Cloud integration of applications streamlines your work infrastructure and supports fast-paced operations.


Data Integration

Application Integration

  • More agile system
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved data integrity
  • Improved cooperation across teams
  • Improved productivity


  • Improved manageability of your systems
  • Streamlined processes
  • Reduced IT costs
  • Higher data accuracy
  • Automation and efficiency



Many cloud integration platforms utilize aspects of both of these forms, but you might want to keep some or all of your business processes in-house. Working with an outside data management team that understands cloud-based integration can help you understand how and why to work with cloud services. The flexibility of cloud integration is a major draw for small businesses that might need more niche cloud integration solutions.

2. Higher Accessibility Without Security Weakness

You might be concerned about data security, which is reasonable. Many businesses avoid utilizing cloud integration platforms because of security concerns. There is comfort in focusing on the on-premises systems that you've grown used to. However, cloud integration platforms have worked tirelessly to merge their systems with high-security technology that protects your data.

The always-on and highly accessible nature of a cloud system provides a unique challenge. Still, advanced firewalls, identity verification systems, and a wide array of security advancements have been developed specifically for your cloud applications and communication networks. These provide more agency for protecting your network while also un-tethering you from your on-premises systems and applications.

3. Scalability for Growing Businesses

To grow your business, you want to know that any new system will be future-proof. A cloud-based network can save you many headaches and logistical problems. You should be able to focus on doing your work, not worrying about your network's future. Cloud platforms and cloud resources allow you to draw from a much bigger system and network than you might be able to when you are stuck with a physical system.

A cloud platform service outsources your infrastructure concerns to a company that has made its server and IT a commodity. You free up a lot of space to grow by eliminating an in-house IT environment. Cloud services are particularly attractive because of their ability to synchronize data across a business, no matter how large or spread out.

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A diverse workplace setting in which workers discuss their work in front of could-integrated computer systems.4. Drastically Improved Productivity

In traditional business processes, you might have multiple steps to ensure that your entire team has access to files or raw data they need for their work. When a team has to rely on outdated and disparate systems, they can become bogged down in moving files. But with cloud integration services, you can ensure every member of your team can work on a file at the same time. Sharing data freely within your company provides a much more mobile and communicative system.

When a business has easy access and room to grow, productivity can grow to fit. Once your business communication has fully integrated into the same cloud environment, you will be amazed to see your team’s workflow improved.

5. Reduced Operation Costs

Once everyone in your company is on the same system, you can see where the slack is coming from and where costs can be reduced. Cloud integration platforms can provide insights into your network's traffic and show what data and applications are high-use, how to free up storage space, and more.

The benefits of cloud integration services to operational efficiency cannot be overstated. Efficiently directing your budget to services, storage, or applications through cloud data integration can ensure your money is being spent even more wisely. Cloud integration enables you to cut away the trash and keep a lean business.

6. Help You Beat Your Competition

Cloud integration platforms reduce your data silos by having everything under one umbrella. The increased visibility of data can streamline your systems and dramatically improve collaboration. The improvements you will enjoy from cloud data can keep you far ahead of your competitors.

Local systems limit your resources and put stress on your IT team. A local system requires in-office employees or awkward VPN access that can slow down your workers. While these systems can improve security, the difference isn't so dramatic that it's worth the headache.

Ask Us How We Can Make Cloud Integration Services Work for You!

If your business is growing, you need a way to make sure your network will keep up and stay agile as you develop. If you're working on stability, your business could benefit from a managed cloud system that will let you focus on the core of your work. Cloud integration services can fit into almost any business.

Call us today to discuss how cloud-based systems could fit into your company workflow. We have worked with various and can find a mixture of data, applications, or hybrid cloud environments that could work for your business. Don't hesitate and lose out on the key features and benefits of cloud integration services that could give your business an incredible new future.

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