A group of businesspeople sit at a table and smile over laptops while a man and woman shake hands.How often do you have to step away from your usual work to help troubleshoot tech problems because your current IT team is inundated with work? Or is your business at the point where you need to expand your tech team but not quite to the point where you can afford it? Then, co-managed IT services will present the perfect opportunity for your business.

If you are looking into supporting your IT infrastructure management with an external service provider, co-managed IT support might be the way to go. This form of managed IT services can support your internal IT team while presenting you with cost savings. Read on to learn about co-managed services, how they enable businesses, and how to choose a service provider.


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What Are Co-Managed IT Services?

Co-managed IT support helps companies by taking some of the information technology work off of your hands. This service allows you to invest more time and resources towards your internal team and the work that matters to you. IT operations can be challenging to manage but critical to your business health.

This style of IT management can be tailored to your needs. You may be happy with your day-to-day technology management but want enhanced security. Or perhaps you're looking to try new cloud services but need more experienced professionals to help with implementation. Co-managed IT solutions can be a cost-effective solution to business growth's stress.

How Do Co-Managed IT Services Work?

A man and woman wearing headsets smile as they look at a laptop on the table in front of them.Your team knows the day-to-day workings of your business, but a little outside help can be invaluable. Co-managed IT support can be taken on permanently or as a temporary consultation to help re-organize and re-prioritize. You can bring in an information technology service company to analyze your department, help you reach your goals, and partner with a third-party provider of services and applications.

Co-management is a very customizable form of IT support. You might outsource your help desk while you leverage an in-house team for security. Or perhaps you need help strategizing a large-scale re-organization that your security team is too busy to handle. Co-managed IT service encompasses a very wide array of IT support styles.

Managed vs. Co-Managed Services: Which is Right for You?

IT support companies often provide both managed services and co-managed IT support, but knowing which is right for you can be tricky. There is a thin line between "I need a little help" and "I need this off my hands," and that line is hard to see when you're too close to the subject. Here are a few questions to ask while deciding between your options:

Co-Managed IT Services

Managed IT services

  • Do you have a team you love but know they need help meeting larger goals?
  • Do you have specialized expertise and needs that an outside team couldn’t serve?
  • Are you growing beyond what your team can manage but need to buy time for HR to hire new members?
  • Would your large and complicated network be better handled by a single team rather than two teams, risking confusion?
  • Are you planning on outsourcing all your IT needs one day?

There are other options beyond these as well. Many project-based contractors will provide support during or for one-off projects. Some IT support service companies offer short-term support options if you are upgrading your network and need someone to fill in while your technician is focused on that project.

What Are the Advantages of Co-Managed IT Support?

If you're looking at the benefits of a fully managed services provider, you might be put off by the cost. Co-managed IT service companies offer numerous benefits if you want something with more cost efficiency. A few of the most significant benefits are:

  • Business continuity by holding on to your best members
  • Proactive monitoring from a larger team with more resources
  • Cost-effectiveness by saving on hiring costs
  • Enhanced security posture from a larger resource pool
  • Cutting-edge solutions from a team with fresh eyes and new ideas

Your team will enjoy the speed and efficiency of working alongside a dedicated IT infrastructure management team. A happier and more productive team will come with the co-managed IT support.


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Are There Disadvantages to Co-Managed IT Services?

You know that there's no such thing as perfect. You want to see every pro and con when considering a new service. Here are two of the biggest reasons to step back from considering co-managed IT support:

1. Choosing the right partner can take time and effort you might not have.

Because IT services encompass many specialized skills, techniques, and knowledge, you need to invest some time into your search and ensure that the provider you work with can fully support your business goals. This process can take time you might not have, but it is necessary to prevent stress.

2. Implementing and coordinating with a service team can be difficult.

We all know the pains of trying to fit a new tool, process, or strategy into a business. Now, imagine completely restructuring a department while working with multiple third-party systems. Most IT service providers have experience navigating this, but it can still cause headaches.

But don’t let these types of concerns and difficulties drive you away from what could be a massively beneficial arrangement. Co-managed IT services, like any business relationship, should be carefully considered for your continued growth.

Fill Your IT Gaps with the Best Co-Managed IT Support

If you've decided that co-managed IT support would work for your core operations, then we want to help. Integrated Technologies has a comprehensive suite of support skills that can build on your IT environment and enhance your network security.

We understand the difficult decisions a small business needs to make to meet its objectives. You need to know that the advantages of an IT support team will outweigh the costs. But you can't know if your needs will be met without talking to us first. Call us today, and we'll discuss your needs and goals and show you what we’ve done for other businesses. We want to work together and ensure your business continues to grow to be the best it can be.


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