Is It Time You Took A

Closer Look

At What You’re REALLY Getting For The Money

You’re Spending On IT Services And Support?

Do you have a nagging suspicion that your current IT company isn’t truly protecting you from cybercrime, ransomware and hackers?

Maybe you aren’t 100% confident they could recover your information in the event of a ransomware attack or security breach?

Maybe you’re experiencing chronic problems with your IT systems that your IT company just never seems to resolve, leaving you less than confident in their abilities and annoyed by their lack     of attention to detail and service?

Or maybe you’re sending a check every month for their services but don’t really know what you’re paying for because they don’t communicate that to you.

If you are paying good money to an outsourced IT firm to support and protect your computer network but feel their service is less-than-stellar, or if you feel they aren’t truly protecting you from the growing tsunami of cyberthreats, backing up your data and talking to you about how to avoid a devastating cyber-attack, then you will find what I’m writing about to be of great interest.

It’s very common for businesses to be unhappy with the quality of service and support they’re getting from their current IT company, but they tolerate it simply because they don’t know who else to call, or they’re just too busy to take the time to find someone else.

Our Free Cyber Security Risk Assessment
Gives You The Answers You Want And The Certainty You Need!


If I just described your situation, I want to give you a Free Cyber Security Assessment that will reveal what’s REALLY going on in your computer network: if you are secure, if you could survive a ransomware attack, if your current IT company is doing a good job protecting you, and talk to you about how we might help you get the IT services, support and protection you need.

Here’s how the Free Security Assessment works:

  1. At no cost or obligation, we’ll send one of our Network Engineers to your office to conduct a free Security Assessment of your company’s overall network health to review and validate several different data-loss and security loopholes and operational inefficiencies. We’ll also look for common places where security and backup get overlooked, such as mobile devices.
  2. After the on-site assessment, we’ll prepare and deliver to you a CONFIDENTIAL Executive Report of the assement that will reveal any vulnerabilities found in your IT, as well as show you how to optimize your IT to increase everyone’s productivity in the fastest, most efficient way possible. This Executive Report will be a real eye-opener for you!

At the end of this Free Security Assessment, you’ll know:

  • Is your data backup TRULY backing up ALL the important files and data you would never want to lose? We’ll also reveal approximately how long it would take to restore your files (most people are shocked to learn it will take much longer than they anticipated).
  • Is your network really and truly secured against the most devious cybercriminals? And if not, what do you need to do (at a minimum) to protect yourself now?
  • Are your employees freely using the internet to access non-work related sites, looking for other jobs and waste time shopping, or to check personal e-mail and social media sites? You know some of this is going on right now, but do you know to what extent?
  • Are you accidentally violating any PCI, HIPAA or other data-privacy laws? New laws are being put in place frequently and it’s easy to violate one without even being aware; however, you’d still have to suffer the bad publicity and large fines.
  • Is your firewall and antivirus configured properly and up-to-date?
  • Are your employees storing confidential and important information on unprotected cloud apps like Dropbox that are OUTSIDE of your backup?

I know it’s natural to want to think, “we’ve got it covered.” Yet I can practically guarantee my team will find one or more ways your business is at serious risk for hacker attacks, data loss and extended downtime. I see it all too often in the businesses we’ve audited over the years.

 You Are Under No Obligation
To Do Or Buy Anything

I also want to be very clear that there are no expectations on our part for you to do or buy anything when you take us up on our Free Security Assessment. As a matter of fact, I will give you my personal guarantee that you won’t have to deal with a pushy, arrogant salesperson because I don’t appreciate heavy sales pressure any more than you do.

Whether or not we’re a right fit for you remains to be seen. If we are, we’ll welcome the opportunity. But if not, we’re still more than happy to give this free service to you.

You’ve spent a lifetime working hard to get where you are. You earned every penny and every client. Why risk losing it all? Get the facts and be certain your business, your reputation and your data are being protected they way you assume they are.

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IT Concierge Service With Prompt Response Times

The best benefit of working with Integrated Technologies is always receiving prompt service. As a financial planning firm, IT downtime wreaks havoc with our team, so prompt service is key and we are very grateful for this.

Integrated Technologies is set apart from their competition in many ways. Promptness of service is one of the key benefits. The office staff are always courteous and quick to send a ticket to get a tech on the problem. Typically, we receive same day or next day responses to our request. Their billing is easy to understand and effortless.

IT companies are plentiful, but what I have found with our affiliation with Integrated Technologies for almost 10 years is that they provide an IT Concierge service. What I mean by that is they can plan out the project, run the wiring, work with your local internet/phone provider and have everything running in short time.  They take pride in their work, making sure it is running correctly and are respectful of your office environment, cleaning up along the way.  They specialize in individual, concierge service which is very rare in today’s world.

Donna Blakely, Markting & Client Relations Donna B Marketing & Client Relations
Financial Industry

Do Whatever It Takes Attitude

Integrated Technologies has a "do whatever it takes” attitude for maintaining and repairing our IT infrastructure. Integrated not only talks the talk but they also walk the walk.  For me it was hard to know who to trust in the IT service world.  Integrated has met and exceeded all our expectations. They were able to provide immediate relief of internal day to day IT operations.  This partnership has allowed us to take a proactive perspective instead of just reacting when issues arise.

Rocky Carpenter II, Plant Manager Rocky C Plant Manager
Manufacturing Industry

Integrated Technologies Understands Our Business Needs

I love that Integrated Technologies is a local High Point company that understands our business needs in the marketplace. They respond to our needs promptly via a face to face meeting or conference call. I feel that the service is personalized. Integrated Technologies is an extension of our team and they treat our business as a priority. The staff makes it a point to form that relationship with our business. They listen and will help you reach your goals based on your deadlines, budget, and needs within your business. They come to our staff meetings and educate our staff on training and trends in IT and business communication.

Melody Burnett, President Melody B President
Hospitality Industry