5 Steps to Working Safely From Home

Working from home presents some unique productivity and security challenges. This guide provides tips to make the transition easier.

This guide should be provided to all staff that have transitioned to working from home.

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Remote Work Policy Template

What expectations do you have regarding your staff working remotely? What guidelines are you providing your team?

Download this template and edit as needed to fit your situation.

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Disaster Recovery Checklist

Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Checklist to get your Disaster Recovery Planning started.

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Avoid Coronavirus Scams

Hackers and Cyber Criminals are taking advantage of fears surrounding Coronavirus to profit from consumers’ fears, uncertainties and misinformation.

This guide provides ways to avoid becoming their next victim and should be provided to all staff because one wrong click could be opening the door into your business for the bad guys.

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Various Tech Collaboration Tools

Zoom Video Conferencing: www.zoom.us

We use Zoom as our video conference platform on a regular basis for live video conference meetings and conference calls without video.

Slack Instant Messaging: www.slack.com

We use slack to communicate in real time about internal and client facing items. We keep our internal communication out of our inboxes.

Microsoft Teams for Instant Messaging and Video Conferencing:

This tool is Included in your Microsoft Office 365 Licensing at the Business Essentials, Business Premium, E1, and E3 levels. It provides another way to keep our internal communication out of our inboxes.

Free Microsoft Teams Training

Bigger Brains has moved their Teams training over to YouTube as a resource for companies who need to learn collaboration in a hurry.


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